Collections (as seen through Jonah's eyes)

During the spring and summer of 2013, Jonah, Dug and I invested countless hours cultivating our love of gardening. Every morning was spent wandering the yard and garden, noticing the growth of flowers and vegetables, and picking them as they ripened. As autumn approached, I realized that Jonah had become--over the months of carefully looking in our yard as we sought new growth, vegetables to pick, and seeds as they formed--a discerning and careful observer of natural (and unnatural!) things. Throughout his days at home and school, he began to pick up the things he noticed, and at the end of each day, we emptied his pockets to look at his newest collection. Always accompanying each collection was an elaborate story: a remembrance of place, smells, and people that created the context for his findings. For me, it was a chance to gain a glimpse into his day, to hear a story grounded by an artifact, and pay attention to his interpretations of what he noticed that day.

Often, after emptying his pockets, he sorted the items, so the pictures you see here are his arrangements. Imagine my delight when he pulled out his collection of googly eyes and sequins!