Collections (as seen through my eyes)

While meandering through my days, I have run into, stepped on, and knocked over some strange things underfoot in odd places. I am delighted at the most unexpected times by evidence of Jonah's flights of fancy, explorations with materials, scientific experiments and careful installations. Somehow, they simply appear. Usually by the time I see them, Jonah is long gone, immersed elsewhere in something new. They happen in small moments, between reading books together, while I am cooking, when I am in the other room.

To me, they are evidence of a creative mind, tangible manifestations of the things I cannot see. I am reminded of how complex and rich his world is, and how every moment that he lives, he is building experiential knowledge that will further inform his next creation. The moments and creations are ephemeral, yet they are also powerful evidence of countless stories and realities that make up the moments of Jonah's living. In these collections, I see evidence of a playful, inquisitive mind, and his creations bring to life the stories that live in his imagination.

Sometimes when I pause to ponder what he might have been thinking, I am reminded of how much children live richly, loudly, beautifully in the present. As an adult with often muddled thoughts that crisscross between my past and ponderings for the future, these little gifts left by Jonah are a stark reminder to live a little more deeply, mindfully, in the present.

Jonah has a fascination with light and rainbows: what they are, how they are created, why they create color. Shortly after learning about prisms and how they bend light, Jonah put together this collection of reflective items and carefully arranged them to reflect light.

As summer ended and evenings became cooler, we started building fires in the outdoor brick fireplace in the backyard. To help start the fires, we established a routine of searching for kindling. Jonah stacked a few loose bricks and created this beautiful, artful piece!