(Delightfully Squishy) Experiments: Absorb and Expand


Who knew.

These little orbs of fun start out about 1mm in diameter. They are hard and opaque. With a little bit of water, they grow to about 200-300 times their original size.

Once grown, they...

  1. feel delightfully squishy
  2. become transparent
  3. bounce!

After learning the words "expand" and "absorb" in Jonah's Kindergarten class, we decided to do some experimenting.

  1. Order bag of 4,000 Orbeez!
  2. First, Jonah decided to share a teaspoon with each of his classmates (Jonah wrote his classmates' names on little baggies and took them to school to share.)
  3. Then, at home, use a a whole tablespoon of Orbeez and a large bowl to see what happens when Orbeez hang around in water overnight.
  4. Squish, play, touch, and watch them grow.
  5. Refrain from eating.
  6. Throw in a few dimes to show scale.
  7. Watch as they absorb the water and expand!
  8. Submerge in more water and go to sleep.
  9. Refrain from eating (they look sort of delicious.)
  10. Fill up Orbeez lamp.
  11. Watch the colors change.
  12. Fall asleep.

When we are done playing with them, we will save them in an airtight container. They will eventually go into our garden, where they will provide moisture and aeration to the soil.

Non-toxic. Biodegradable. 100% fun.